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Welcome to Independent Advocacy Townsville

Latest News: IAT Asks Politicians Not to Forget the Disability Sector

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Independent Advocacy in the Tropics Incorporated, trading as Independent Advocacy Townsville (IAT) is a community organisation formed in 1989 and incorporated in 1991, to provide advocacy support for people with disability.

We provide a quality service accredited under the Human Services Quality Standards and the National Disability Advocacy Standards for both Individual and Systemic Advocacy.

Local Government Service Areas:

>  Burdekin Shire
>  Cassowary Coast
>  Charters Towers
>  Flinders Shire
>  Hinchinbrook Shire
>  Palm Island Shire
>  Townsville
IAT Service Region has a total area of 126,255.3 km2.

The Need for Advocacy

People with a disability are in particular need of advocacy because they often experience or are vulnerable to discrimination, neglect, exploitation and/or abuse.

People with disability are just as valuable as any other human being regardless of what they do or don't do.  They need the same things that all people need to live well in this world; their own place, sense of belonging, love and affection, safety.  We are all connected within a community and in our world and people with disability must be fully included in this.  People with disability should not be separated, segregated or isolated.  They should be able to make their own decisions, make mistakes, have courage, be fearful, be likeable, be unpleasant just as any other person.  This is everyone's basic human right.

    Not everyone is born free
    Free to grab their rights with both hands
    Some need to fight...
    Fight for basic freedom
    Fight for the same rights everyone else takes as assumed
    There are those impassioned to support us
    They become freedom fighters
    They may look ordinary
    But they are extraordinary...
    They never take no for an answer

Funded by Department of Social Services (DSS); Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (DCCSDS); and Queensland Health.