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Internal review of a decision

If you think a decision made by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) about you is wrong, you can submit an application for internal review of a decision. Any person directly affected by a decision of the NDIA can request such a review.  There is a list of reviewable decisions in the NDIS legislation. Many decisions made by the NDIA are reviewable, including things like being accepted as a participant, the provision of reasonable and necessary supports, and becoming a registered provider of supports. 

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NDIS Appeals Information

When you are told about an NDIA decision, you will be told how to request an internal review. A request for internal review of a decision must be made within three months of receiving notice of the decision from the NDIA.  The staff member who works on the internal review will not have been involved in the earlier decision. They may want to talk to you directly as part of this process.

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NDIS Appeals

The NDIS Appeals has been set up to ensure that all people with disability, and others affected by reviewable decisions of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), have access to support when they are seeking review of those decisions in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).  An important mechanism to ensure that decisions are fair and robust.

This support is not available to service providers.

As a funded NDAP organisation, Independent Advocacy in the Tropics Inc, is currently able to provide NDIS Appeals Support in:

>  Burdekin Shire
>  Cassowary Coast Region  (Innisfail, Johnstone, Tully, Wooroonooran)
>  Charters Towers Region
>  Flinders Shire
>  Hinchinbrook Shire
>  Mackay / Isaac / Whitsunday Regions
>  Mckinlay Shire
>  Palm Island Shire
>  Richmond Shire
>  Townsville

To find out more about the Appeals process please contact us or visit the NDIS APPEALS page on the Department of Social Services website


Administrative Appeals Tribunal

A person who is not satisfied with a decision made by NDIA can apply to have the decision reviewed by the Agency in an internal review. If the participant is still dissatisfied with a decision following an internal review, they can then apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) - link is external.

An application for an AAT review must be made within 28 days, but extensions can be granted.


How will the AAT process work?

The AAT, in preparing to undertake reviews in this new subject area, established a new Disability Division made up of members who have expertise and experience interacting with people with disability.  The AAT will seek access to all relevant papers from NDIA and NDIA also makes sure that copies are provided to the applicant.

Case Conference

The AAT will run case conferences in person or by telephone in a casual setting and focus on open conversation and participation.  The AAT has a broad range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) possibilities.  All applications are considered in one or more early conferences where the matters under review are discussed along with the best way of dealing with the application.  Many applications are settled at conference.

An application that does not settle in conference may be referred for mediation, conciliation or another form of ADR.  In an appropriate case the application is referred to be listed for a hearing.

AAT Hearings

In an AAT hearing the expectation is that the applicant will not require legal representation, however the applicant can be assisted by one or more support persons.  Other people may give evidence to the AAT in support of the applicant’s case.  The AAT usually hands down a decision with full reasons within four weeks of the hearing. The AAT may affirm, vary or set aside the decision under review.


Need Assistance?

We are here to help you so call us on 1800 887 688 or email for assistance and our specialist Advocates will be happy to speak with you.  You can also visit the NDIS Appeals webpage.

For support providers or a person working within the disability sector and you wish to refer a client for assistance with an appeal to the AAT you can email us at

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