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(as amended - 2016 Special General Meeting)

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IATI Fact Sheets

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IATI Reports\Papers

Submission: Royal Commission Into Aged Care - September 2018:  PDF  |  WORD

Veterans' Advocacy and Support Services Scoping Study - July 2018

  • Submission by Advocacy Law Alliance Inc, in consultation with IANQ and DANA:  PDF

Participation in Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS-Market Readiness - Townsville March 2018: Hansard Transcript:  PDF

Submission: National Disability Adocacy Program Discussion Paper - June 2016:  PDF  |  WORD

At Age 65 - Disability Support or Aged Care Report:  PDF

Mental Illness and Legal Support Accessibility in North Queensland:  PDF

Young People in Nursing Homes...Neville's Story:  PDF