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Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

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Make a submission

Submissions are now open.  They can be made using the form available on the Royal Commission Submissions page at

The form indicates the information they require about people and organisations making submissions, and includes questions about areas the Royal Commission is focusing on. 

Advocacy support to make a submission

A number of Department of Social Services, National Disability Advocacy Program funded organisations are now able to assist you with the Disability Royal Comission.  Independent Advocacy organisations can:

  • Provide information about the Royal Commission and to help people understand the purpose of the Royal Commission
  • Support those who want to participate through the whole process
  • Protect the rights of people and help them say what they want to say and how they want to say it
  • Provide advice and referrals and act in their best interest
  • Assist people to get the supports needed including counselling and/or psychological support

IANQ's service is available to all those living within our service region (see our Service Region page).

If you are considering making a submission or just want some advice, please contact us.

Phone:  (07) 4725 2505
Free Call:   1800 887 688

Contacting the Commission

If you need assistance in making a submission you can contact them using the information below.  The Australian Government is also funding a legal advisory service and advocacy support for people who want assistance to make a submission.  This support will be available shortly, and people can subscribe to their Mailing list so they will be advised as soon as support services are available.

You can contact the Disability Royal Commission:

Hearings and Transcripts:

Transcripts of Hearings are available on the Disability Royal Commission Website at

First Progress Report- December 2019


Overview of the 2019 Review of the NDIS Act and NDIS Participant Service Guarantee

To develop the Guarantee, the Government has commissioned a review of the NDIS Act. The review will focus on opportunities to make the NDIS process simpler and more straight forward and remove barriers to positive participant and provider experiences with the NDIS.

The review will consider what changes may need to be made to the NDIS legislation to support the Guarantee and set new standards into law. This may involve amendments to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (the NDIS Act) and the NDIS Rules, but will not change the design or intent of the NDIS.

The Government has appointed an independent expert, Mr David Tune AO PSM, to lead the review.  The review’s recommendations are due to be delivered to the Government by the end of 2019, to support the rollout of the Participant Service Guarantee on 1 July 2020.

Discussion Paper:      WORD    |    PDF    |   Easy Read WORD   |   Easy Read PDF   |  Listen to PDF 

Online Submission link:


Free and Equal: An Australian Conversation on Human Rights

On 14 December 2018, the Australian Human Rights Commission announced a major project: ‘Free and Equal: An Australian conversation on human rights’ (the National Conversation).

Throughout this year, we will be talking with people nationally to identify what makes an effective system of human rights protection for 21st century Australia?

The purpose of the National Conversation is to:

  • Promote awareness of the importance of human rights to 21st century Australia
  • Identify current limitations and barriers to better human rights protections
  • Identify what key principles should underpin the reform of human rights in Australia
  • Build agreement across the Parliament, government and the community about what we can do collectively to better promote, protect and fulfil human rights

Terms of Reference    PDF 

Discussion Paper:   WORD  |   PDF 

Issues Paper:   WORD   |   PDF 


Advocacy Organisations


Disability Advocacy Network Australia:

Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia -

AMPARO Multicultural Disability Network (Brisbane) -

Capricorn Citizen Advocacy (Rockhampton) -

Gold Coast Advocacy Group (Southport) -

Mackay Advocacy -

People With Disability Australia (Mount Isa) -

Queensland Advocacy Inc. -

Queensland Parents of People with Disability (Brisbane) -

Regional Disability Advocacy (Toowoomba) -

Rights in Action - Cairns -

Speaking Up For You -

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy (Woombye) -


Government Departments

Anti Discrimination Commission Queensland - IS NOW THE  Queensland Human Rights Commission -

Department of Social Services -

Department of Corrective Service -

Department of Justice and Attorney General -

Health Rights Commission -

National Disabiity Insurance Scheme (NDIS) -

Office of the Public Guardian -

Queensland Department of Communities Disability Services and Seniors  -

Queensland Government Legislation -

Queensland Health -

Queensland Human Rights Commission -

The Public Advocate -

The Queensland Cabinet -


Legal Services

North Queensland Women's Legal Service -

Townsville Community Legal Service -



Australian Policy Online -

Cerebral Palsy Australia -

Cerebral Palsy Group (USA) -

Community Resource Unit -


National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline -

National Disability Services -

Queensland Alliance for Mental Health -

Queensland Council of Social Services -

Selectability -

Social Role Valorisation Association -

Synapse (formerly Brain Injury Association Queensland) -