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Independent Advocacy in the Tropics Inc


Membership is open to anybody who supports the values, mission, and work of this agency. It is from the membership that we draw our management committee, which is the governing body of our organisation.

Therefore, we are especially interested in people who want to become involved, who could contribute to the agency by supporting the work we do and the values we hold.

In return, IATI offers the opportunity to be involved, expand on and develop skills and experience relating to the governance of an organisation, and to be involved with like-minded people in a supportive environment.


NB:   We are currently undertaking a strategic review of the organisation and all membership applications have been put on hold, and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Ordinary Membership  

Ordinary membership shall be open to all interested persons in the community who support the mission and objects of the Association who apply for, and are accepted for membership of the Association.

 Organisation Membership 

Organisation membership is open to organisations who are allies of the Association and do not have voting privileges.

What membership does not include:

Automatic or preferential approval for advocacy services – all members, should they require advocacy, would be subject to the same entry criteria and referral process as any other person requesting advocacy services.

Automatic approval for membership of the management committee – any person nominating for membership of the management committee must nominate and address a set of selection criteria. This is to ensure that members are able to support the values of the organisation, compliment and enhance the skills and knowledge of committee members in the governing of the Association.

Management Committee Membership: 

The Management Committee of the Association consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and two (2) other Members.  A simple majority of Committee Members shall be Ordinary members of the Association who have a disability.

All members except for the Secretary of the Management Committee must be members of the Association.  The Secretary must be an individual residing in Queensland, or in another State but not more than 65km from the Queensland border.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss membership options further, please phone IATI's office on (07) 4725 2505 or toll free on 1800 887 688 or email the Secretary at