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Independent Advocacy in the Tropics Inc

Self Advocacy

Self-Advocacy Support

We provide self-advocacy to people with disability to enable them to speak and act for themselves where ever possible.

A key feature of our role as an advocate is to teach self-advocacy not only to peoople with disability but their family and carers.  We also support groups who wish to set up self-help groups.

There are a number of ways IATI provide self-advocacy, they are:

  • to those on our Referral Wait List;
  • in response to requests for information;  and
  • in self-advocacy education workshops.

Self-advocacy support to those on our Referral Wait List does not mean we are your advocate.  It is support to assist you in progressing your matter yourself with limited input from us.  This empowers you and teaches important self-advocacy tools.

This can also be seen as Supported Decision Making support in that we are giving you the information and knowledge to allow YOU to make informed decisions for yourself.

Self-Advocacy Support Contact Details:

FreeCall:  1800 887 688 (Australia wide)

Self-Advocacy Workbook Cover ImageSelf-Advocacy Workshops

Our activities involve promoting the rights of people with a disability and the position and principles of IATI, challenging societal values and attitudes.

Sessions range from introductory networking and liaison meetings to full group sessions developed for educational purposes using A.D.N workbook and inviting discussion, challenge and formal evaluation/feedback. Presentations involve use of various mediums including video, case studies and handouts.

If you would like to enquire about booking a Workshop or a Workplace Presentation, please contact us on 1800 887 688 or email us at