Independent Advocacy in the Tropics Inc

What is Advocacy

What can an advocate do for you?

>  Assist you to be treated fairly
>  Promote your best interests, listen to you and help you be heard
>  Speak up for you and protect your rights
>  Assist to stop abuse

What will an Advocate do?

>  Speak and act on your wishes and decisions
>  Be on your side and no-one else's
>  Be there for as long as it takes
>  Involve you in the process
>  Be concerned with your fundamental needs

What can you expect?

>  To be asked to make your own decisions and participate fully in your matter
>  Confidential and free independent Advocacy
>  Resources and Information

What advocacy is not about

>  Counselling and  Mediation
>  Decision Making
>  Legal advice
>  Personal care or service delivery
>  Providing funding

We are happy to provide information and answer queries at any time.