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Independent Advocacy in the Tropics Inc

You and the NDIS

Since the NDIS rolled out in the Townsville region in 2016, much of the information and resources for Participants has changed.  This includes the NDIS website layout which is much easier to use and access.

Becoming an NDIS Participant - this page is the starting point for all Participants and you can download the new Participant Booklets from here as well.


NDIS and Advocacy

Disability Advocacy is not covered under the NDIS. So where will you go for Advocacy?  Independent Advocacy in the Tropics Inc continues to provide a FREE Advocacy service to those with a disability under various Federal and State block funding arrangements.  This means that we can attend planning meetings or just help you understand what the planning process is all about.  If you have a complaint, or need to do an Internal Review or it has progressed to an External Review we can assist you.

Disability Advocacy  -  What is disability advocacy?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 defines an independent advocate, in relation to a person with disability, to mean a person who:

  • is independent of the Agency, the Commission and any NDIS providers providing supports or services to the person with disability
  • provides independent advocacy for the person with disability, to assist the person with disability to exercise choice and control and to have their voice heard in matters that affect them
  • acts at the direction of the person with disability, reflecting the person with disability’s expressed wishes, will, preferences and rights
  • is free of relevant conflicts of interest.

The Act acknowledges the important role of advocates (including independent advocates) and other representatives of persons with disability; and requires registered NDIS providers to cooperate with, and facilitate arrangements for, advocates (including independent advocates) and other representatives of persons with disability who are affected by complaints or incidents and who wish to be independently supported in that process by an advocate or other representative.

For further information on disability advocacy and finding a disability advocate, see: the Disability Advocacy Finder.

Advocacy Services for NDIS Participants

There are a range of supports available to assist you with decision making.  We can help you with general access and support issues or issues that may arise with your support providers.  IATIcan also help you to develop self-advocacy skills.

IATI can:

  • help you to build capacity to identify your needs and goals
  • ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities
  • make sure that you understand your decisions and how they will affect your life
  • provide support with reviews and appeals. If a NDIS Decision is made that you disagree with, you can request a review of that decision. In these instances the IATI can assist you through the review process.  We can also assist you if you seek a review of a NDIS decision through the NDIS Appeals process in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.  (See their Operational Guidelines to Reviewing Decisions.)